Ze'ev Gilovitz

About Me

Hi, I'm Ze'ev.

I am a Web Developer and a Software Engineering Student.   Aside from programming, I'm also into Rock Climbing and Photography.

Currently I work as the lead developer for MyGuru.

I like writing software which leverages the internet. Right now I'm interested in things like the semantic web, REST APIs, data mashups, and block chain technologies.


I have many small, experimental projects on my GitHub profile, some of the larger mature projects are described below. Not all of these are entirely my own work. Some of them were created while at work or as part of a larger team.


Biosgraphy is a social blogging network and was my largest project while working at Gramercy Studios. Alex Louden has a great post about the technical side of Biosgraphy.


Python-Forecastio is a popular API wrapper for the Forecast.io weather service.


Biodata is an advanced botanical data management tool.

Designed specifically for use by the West Australian ecological consulting industry. It utilises botanical APIs and GIS technologies to perform data analysis.


BusFeed is a single page application written using AngularJS 1.3 and the Google Maps API.

It provides a live feed of route information for public transport journeys.

Garden Temp

Garden Temp is an early stage experiment using the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols.

It uses distrubuted, low cost microcontrollers to collect data and a centralised REST API for data access.

Curtin Finite State Machine Sumulator

Created with four others for my Software Engineering Project at Curtin University.

The project is capable of simulating a range of state machines including Turing Machines.


A simple Markdown based blogging application.

Written in CoffeeScript using Backbone.js - running entirely client side. It was inspired by Ghost and is powered by GitHub Gists.